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Better Financial


If your money habits stand in the way of your personal financial success then we can work with you so that you are on the right track to smart money management.

Your ticket to

Better Financial


Financial Help
Personal Financial Advice

Managing your personal finances can be difficult.

If you are in a financial mess, then we're the right people to help.

Where Has All My

Money Gone?

Money Management

Where Has All My

Money Gone?


Two ways to financial Satisfaction

Pressed for Time - Get Instant Financial Advice over the phone

You will get instant financial phone advice after briefly outlining your situation. A fast way to successful financial resolution. 

Calls cost $2 per minute up to a maximum of $88 incl. GST. Please download our disclosure statement

Financial Solutions with the right advice

Working together face to face will enable us to provide you with the Right Financial Solutions and the Advice that you require. 

$179 may be all you need to start your successful journey to financial satisfaction.

Len Oughton

Len has helped countless people and families to get their finances back on track and achieve financial satisfaction. 
In a single session you will learn valuable lessons on how to manage your money wisely.

Please contact me, I want to chat to Len.

Registered financial adviser. Assisting with personal financial matters. Help with finances. Auckland

3 Simple Steps

We understand your situation

We will take time to fully understand your situation. After all we are in a world where life has

We discuss our plan

We will look at the best plan forward for you and discuss its merits and how it should be

Your financial future sorted

We will steer you in the right direction to achieve personal and financial satisfaction.Some of the clients we have

Feedback from people we've helped

Len assisted me with a Property Subdivision outlining the steps needed to be put in place involving Council, Surveyor, Valuer and arranging of loan finance. Len’s experience enabled the right planning so this venture was able to be completed smoothly.


My wife and I required loan finance for a Business and my Bank declined my application. Len arranged this finance for me within 5 days .I am very grateful to Len’s professionalism in making this happen for us.


I was going through a Relationship Breakdown and met with Len to explore my options as whether I could buy out my partner .Len’s experience in assisting me with this gave me the information I required so I knew my way forward at this difficult time.


Len arranged my mortgage finance when I purchased my home ,put in place a Risk Insurance plan of Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection Cover. Years later when diagnosed with a Terminal Illness, Len met with me and helped me with my Insurance Claim application when I was highly stressed and emotionally fragile. This enabled me to repay all debt, have lump sum savings on hand and my income replaced. I am very grateful to Len.


Len from Money Experts assisted my husband and I with an Insurance claim dispute which was very stressful. His advice enabled us to receive payment within a few days. We are very grateful to Money Experts for assisting us in getting this matter resolved.

BRENDA, Takanini

Why our system works

There’s a simple answer! We understand your situation before we give advice. While some aspects of managing personal finance will be similar in each case, we do not apply a “ONE SOLUTION FITS ALL” method. That does not work and we don’t want you to waste MORE money. 

Our method takes into consideration your needs, your family needs and your financial constraints. Above all you need to know that


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